IT Supervision

Global solution

Administration, supervision, inventory and management of IT incidents.

Application monitoring

SaaS supervision

Server monitoring and inventories made easy as never, display status of all your applications from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

freeware for monitoring

Cloud services

Your information available 24/7 on our Datacenters partners.

Pricing 2019 - Your subscriptions & SaaS services

Supervision, availability statistics, inventories, management of incidents & cloud portal for all your customers in one dashboard.

All prices are without VAT, companies justifying of an business and subscribing from abroad, will not be charged of VAT. Subscriptions have a contractual life of 12 months. For customers who bought the Support solution & produits offer(SA-5), our team or partners will provide you with support via email and by phone during business hours Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM to 6:00 PM except national holidays, you can contact the support at the following address: support@monitorpack.com

Basic support scope

Basic support is free and is covered by online documentation for MonitorPack softwares implementation. Help create alarms, e-mail configuration & networks needs to send MonitorPack alerts or access to cloud databases. Administration of security flows , management of web accounts for your connections to the web portal. Backing up your databases & restoring them day-1. The maintenance of your dedicated or shared server 24/7/365.

# REF Service Description Details Monthly Subscription
SA-2 Dedicated Dedicated server cloud subscription with basic support. $ 270
SA-3 Shared Shared server cloud subscription with basic support. $  69
SA-5 Support MonitorPack (Option) Support solution & produits $  99
(*) 10 authorized IP addresses included for the SA-2 offer to write to the databases of your dedicated server & to send e-mail alerts on your dedicated SMTP gateway.

ID Service Description Détails Services
SP-1 Remote delivery Remote services by our engineers or partners. 4 hours minimum.
SP-2 On-site delivery On-site services by our engineers or partners. 4 hours minimum.